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DNA to Protein Six-Frame Translation

    Name (optional):  
    Nucleotide sequence without name: (case insensitive, all letters
    except agctuswrymkhbdvn are disregarded)

    Nucleotide sequence:

       Output: nucleotides in one line;
        display the initial sequence;
        display complementary sequence in 5' --> 3' direction;

       Output: aminoacids in one line, code:  
       Frame number:
        +1;     +2;     +3;     all
        -1;     -2;     -3;    

        align amino acids sequences relative to nucleic acid.

    Standard symbols for polymorph nucleotides:

    S g,C H A,C,T
    W A,T B C,g,T
    R A,g D A,g,T
    Y C,T V A,C,g
    M A,C N A,g,C,T
    K g,T    

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